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Friday, April 21, 2017

Japan Trip Day 1! (Osaka airport to Kyoto)

19 December 2016

Awful start of the trip.

As my family and I were getting ready and made last checks on our luggage and items, my mom gotten a msg from the airlines and it said that our flight was delay for 2-3 hours. YIKES! It's bad enough that our flight is literally at 1am++ and then all of the sudden it changed to 4am++. (PS: not to mention it literally ruin the whole plan when we get to japan, I planned it some more). My dad somehow decided for us to go there early as planned anyways. We sat at a coffee shop before entering. Thanks to my bae for waiting with us till midnight or so before leaving. 

I know I know, why go inside so early when the flight is hours away. Its a habit, we tend to enter slightly earlier than usual some times. Besides, they gave us coupon to compensate for the delay of the flight. THAT IS ANOTHER FRUSTRATION. You gave us those coupon to use, duh. But all the shops are inside after checking in, duh. BUT WHY LA, ALMOST ALL the shop also close liao. HOW TO USE?? Its like giving us an empty piece of paper as a compensation. WHAT DEMONIC DEED is THIS. Sorry. Its just, pls also think about your customers. I know the flight delay have some reasons but don't just think that coupons like that will satisfy your customers who have to wait for hours. (cheap flight, don't complain so much? Its because of this type of mentality that make them don't make some improvements to customer service.). I know some might comment that I'm just a crybaby or complain too much for a small thing. But small things can end up become big. Cheap flight but that doesn't mean you have to neglect your customer service. 

Anyways, after giving up on using the coupons we just went into the gates. We waiting a few gates away, somewhere empty so that we can rest awhile. We were super tired. After we freshen up in the washroom, my bro was the first to fall asleep, on the floor lol. My mom fall asleep sitting position, I lay on the chair of course, I couldn't fall asleep sitting down. My dad went to an empty desk and sleep on it. Laugh die me xD. I think the photo can explain itself, how tired I was. 

Those papers above are the coupons :\

It became super cold, so I had to wear my jacket :S 

FINALLY. Able to board the plane. 

I was soooo glad that we could finally board the plane. The next thing to do is? Sleeeeeeeep. hahhahahaha. But after awhile I got up to eat, it was time for them to serve fooood. 

Nasi Lemak! I love this nasi lemak, I love the taste, the curry was aromatic. the sambal just the right spiciness for me, its sweet and the anchovies were crunchy. Yummm.


Then not long later, we landed in JAPANNNN. HELLO AGAIN OSAKA, JAPAN xD.
Waited for luggage, then walked over to the bridge to get tickets for our train to Kyoto. There were quite amount of people getting tickets. But every time I come here is just .. I just feel peace. I wish to go again when I have the chance. Its like my second already (chehhhh hahaha).

Waited for our luggage, which were almost the last ones to come out cause we checked in first. There were security dogs in the airport tooooo! Cute xD. I don't think I managed to take the photo. 

The time finally came and we were on the train in no time. Me and my brother sat together as usual and he started taking out his GoPro  to take video of the train scenery as it goes by places by places. When we arrived the station, we went searching for lockers available to keep our luggage. We needed to head to our first destination before going to the place we were going to stay. The delay flight had wasted enough our time as it is. But of course, we had to find a place to have our lunch first hahahha. The rice were good but the noodle soup was as usual, salty :/

The place we ate was in the train station as well. Kyoto station.  

Quickly, head to the station and hop onto the the train tooooo ....
Fushimi-Inari Taisha~ 
The famous shrine, with huge red pagoda stands stretching all the way god knows where. lol. It says to be circling the mountains. It was fun to walk thru the historical monument. Its rather calming and peaceful. Nature everywhere.

Fushimi Inari Taisha~

 Sunset, while we were climbing down. 

I said it before and I'm going to say it again, I LOVE Japan's flowers. Colourful, vibrant, healthy, and well taken care of. 

On the way down, there were food stalls. My mom went to this skewered food stall but sadly it  was way too salty to our liking. I on the other hand tried the orange juice in an orange fruit lol. I was thirsty and that was the first thing I saw. Sadly, again, it was not enough to satisfy my thirst :(. 

Regretted buying that lol. But at least we tried. 

Next destination was the sake street, it was kinda hard to find as it was a district, the area is huge. But we manage to find it in the end with the help of GPS of course lol. Since it was winter time, night falls quickly. It was already dark by 4pm+++. So most of the shops were already closed. All we can do is, walk around, take photos. 

At this moment, we were actually heading towards the subway station. Suddenly, we encounter another street. I didn't know what was it called. Of course we walked there to have a look. OMG, it was full of food stall and others hahahha. We should have discovered here sooner cause we were dead tired from all the walking we did. We had to get our luggage to go to our accommodation. Since we were lazy to choose, we just head to McD hahahha. Normal place to go to when  you have no idea what to eat. My mom bought some oranges in a stall to try as well. Wonderfully, it was sweet, fragrant and SOFT! We had to get another batch again before leaving :P. 

At last. we boarded the train and waited till we reach the main kyoto station. 

Oh ya, this orange train above, there is like a lower area for seating as well, its like a double decker version of a train. lol. Interesting~. 

Nice and cozy little home ~ ;P. 

To be continue ...